Arthroscopic Capsular Release and MUA of Frozen Shoulder


On ward:

  • Sling for comfort encourage to discard once Interscalene block worn off. Aim to achieve full active ROM as achieved in theatre asap.
  • Outpatient physiotherapy appointment to be arranged within one week post-op.
  • Aggressive, early mobilisation. All ROM to include elevation, scaption, LR & MR good quality ROM with scapular control encouraged. Full unrestricted movements.
  • Review by clinical specialist at 2/52 post-op in clinical specialist shoulder clinic at RSH, to be booked before discharged by ward staff.

2-6 weeks:

  • Physiotherapy to continue ROM exercises in all planes. Hydrotherapy, passive and physiological stretches, accessory movements or soft tissue mobilisations to increase ROM.
  • Strengthening cuff as required from 2/52 post-op.

6 weeks:

Shoulder clinic review 6/52 and 3/12. Continuing rehabilitation – dynamic strengthening through range.


Return to work: Sedentary 2-4 weeks (as pain allows). Modified Physical 6 weeks (as guided by surgeon).
Driving: 2 weeks (as pain and range allows) patient confirms safety to drive.
Sport: Non-contact 4-6 weeks. Contact: 6 weeks.
Swimming: Gentle with modified stroke 2 weeks onwards. Freestyle: 4-6 weeks.