Arthroscopic Sub-Acromial Decompression

On Ward:

  • Wear sling as needed for rest and pain relief for approx. 2 weeks. May remove for washing, dressing and exercises as comfort allows.
  • Exercises and advice sheet given by physio. i.e. active assisted exercises, GHJ – elevation and lateral rotation, posture, scapula setting and isometric cuff. No limitations in range of movement. Active exercises dependant on pain limitation and muscle control of movement.
  • Care of sling and washing techniques
  • Removal of sling for gentle exercises advised 4 times/day
  • Review by clinical specialist at ~2/52 post-op in clinical specialist shoulder clinic at RSH, to be booked before discharge by ward staff.

2-6 weeks:

  • Progress rehab. from active-assisted to active exercises, from approximately 10/7 to 2/52, pain dependant (particularly abduction, elevation & lateral rotation) concentrating on quality as well as ROM.
  • Resisted cuff exercises can be introduced through range ensuring good quality of scapula and glenohumeral joint movement. N.B. Care with resisted concentric lateral rotation, ensuring pain is not reproduced. (If painful you could try eccentric lateral rotation)

6 weeks plus:

  • Functional and sports specific rotator cuff and scapular training through range, to include proprioception.

Return to work: Sedentary 2-3 weeks (as pain allows). Physical 4-6 weeks (as pain allows).
Driving: From 2 weeks (as pain and range allows) patient confirms they are able to drive safely.
Sport: Non contact 2-3 months. Contact 3-6 months
Swimming: Gentle with modified stroke 3-4 weeks.  Freestyle 8 weeks.
General Goals: FROM by 6/52 Cuff strength regained by 3/12